World War Z – Honest Trailers

I thought World War Z was a pretty solid Zombie movie. It wasn’t a masterpiece or anything, but it was definitely entertaining. However, I heard it has nothing to do with the book (which was a huge bestseller). It had the same title and genre, but those were the only similarities. I also heard that the audiobook is considered to be better than the book. People went on to say that the audiobook gives a more ‘realistic’ and immersive experience because it omits some of the more fantastical scenarios portrayed in the book.  Anyhoo, I plan to read the book, and yes, maybe give the audiobook a chance (not really a huge fan of audiobooks though).

Anyway, this might be the funniest thing you will get to watch today:

Inception ‘BWAAS’ made me burst out laughing. 😀


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