This Isn’t Pointless

This Isn’t Pointless

Having a lot of free time makes you do and think of a lot of crazy and interesting things – starting a blog, for instance. Sure, I still find quality ways to make use of my time – (aside from binge rewatching episodes of Breaking Bad) scouring the internet for jobs, getting my Unemployment stuff sorted out, figuring out how to get by, waiting patiently if that cousin is genuinely offering me a job to my dream city, and whatnot. Actually, I have just decided to learn HTML. That should come in handy, right? Whatever I can add to make my resume irresistible to  employers. I just hope I don’t flake out on it, and actually stay committed.

I have my fair share of social media avenues, so I figured, why not expand my corner of the internet a little bit more. Enter this blog.

For an initial post on Slightly Fascinating, how about a website that directs you to other “pointless” websites? Sounds slightly fascinating? Trust me. It is.


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