First Kitchen Adventure in China

Hello from China! Joel, Mugen, and I made it finally. I’m not going to lie: it’s been a hectic and stressful past couple of days, but I’m determined to not let that derail me from making the most out of this new chapter in our lives.

There is a lot of stuff going on right now in terms of acclimating to our new life, but I would like to introduce our China life to this blog with a kitchen adventure post. And this kitchen is what I’m working with: Continue reading


Bento Baon: (Always) Busy Bees

Bees have always been fascinating to me. I remember watching a bee documentary (I forget the name), where I learned that their brains defy time; aging in reverse, leading scientists to believe that this might help us slow the onset of dementia.

Anyway, I have done a few bee-inspired bentos in the past: (1 and 2). I did one again this time to add to that collection. 🙂

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